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Great Sex Positions You Should Try

If the most popular sexual positions suit you, keep them in rotation and experiment with a few minor adjustments to boost your satisfaction even further. Alternatively, if they don’t work for you, these changes may inspire you to truly appreciate them. The key to having more serious, rewarding sexual sex is to understand how to position yourself to touch your most receptive areas. This is done while pushing yourself to completely let go of yourself and relax. While satisfaction includes having as many orgasms as possible, it also entails becoming more active and engaged with your body and partner.


Many people with vulva prefer this location since you have complete control over the angle and speed. To make it even more effective, instead of sitting on top, get on your knees and bend over, then lean in and out slowly. This will help you locate your G spot while encouraging you to tilt your clit and use your arms to balance yourself. Taking it slowly and increasing your speed is vital because it allows your clitoris to become wet, so to speak. It starts as an insignificant nub just above the opening of your vagina. However, as you grow excited, it swells and shrinks, giving you a larger stimulation region that boosts your orgasm ability.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is an alternative to the traditional sex role of the rider on top. Instead of resting your knees outside your partner’s thighs, you’ll plant your own. From there, you can vary your pace and depth to locate the optimal areas for your needs. Having said that, this is an ideal position to stimulate some of the deeper erogenous vaginal areas. You’ll get the most out of this when the penetrating partner makes circles, moves back and forth, or tilts in the direction of the penetrating partner.

Edge Of The Bed

The edge of the bed is a popular spot for both men and women as it allows deep penetration. The male approaches the woman while she lies on her back, her hips on the side of the bed. Her legs can lie on her torso or rest on her chest, allowing her to choose which angle feels most comfortable to her.

Kneeling Stance Mastery

This kind of woman-on-top gives her autonomy and access to her breasts and clitoris without much physical contact from either partner. The man and the woman sat in his lap, kneeling outside of his knees, facing each other. Couples might choose to lean apart for fresh inspiration or curl up together for intimate moments.

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